open mind

started my morning with a sweet kiss on my cheek and laughter that filled my heart. been feeling like i've been giving out so much love when sometimes the world doesn't seem to understand what the concept is. so when it comes around, i value it so deeply and honestly. i hug it back with [...]


his ghost

The ghost of who he was Barely visits me at all. Looking into his brown eyes Are sadness I can never hold For him he walks alone, often. In the mind of his past, He lingers of what used to be Of what cannot be, again. Seeing a loved one in pain is a great [...]

I’m here

I raised my hand to join the battle. To fight under challenging conditions. I can't synchronize swim with the others. I need a breather outside the steam, The sauna of competition & self-expectations. Barely afloat, but still floating. Along the water, the ripples chimed. Silently loud they continued. I stop for a second and stayed [...]

summer begins.

life is beautiful like this. exploring nature to the night and being young and happy no matter our age. no matter the time. to appreciate life as it is. fully. thanks for sharing Beth.

I didn't have my glasses on....

summer begins

up north

with joyful grandie

up late

catching the sunset

in his net. 

“summertime is a period for youthful explorations,

a joyful time when we learn lessons

without grand expectations or harsh consequences.” 

-kilroy j. oldster

sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, glen lake, empire, michigan, usa

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words for you

spitting out words, seeing where they end up, reflecting back at me gazing tender smiles and tearful sentiments. moments are to be cherished. like all is well with the sun and moon, nights on the beach with ocean waves saying farewell for another well done day. no matter what happened. no matter the successes. because [...]

just keep going

I had to walk across the pond, Without the heavy gear, Without fancy boots Or a canoe to sit in. Wading through Step by step. I met others, Crossing like me. With or without a friend. Silently and triumphantly As each sunset set And each day the sun rose. There was no choice. Like a [...]