reality shocks

reality shocks

stunned like an electric shock
through fingers on the plug;
reality hit me and surged energy
into every singular cellular nerve.

the brain reprograms and reboots,
messages on repeat turn into cuts
on records and unwound tape in cassettes.

past, present, future all at once,
limited time offer to choose one, not all.
what is the cost, loss and prevention
of this new, old, potential life?



They searched for clarity,
From square windows in the sky.
Tipping a glass jar of pennies
Scoring enough to pay the fare.
Seeing rain drops fall upon elephant leaves
Collecting puddles on the floor
As newborn kittens happily drink.
Flowers bloom and birds chirp songs,
Explorers seek their hearts in the tree house
With a bamboo bed and door of beads
As it swings and clicks
Whenever anything crosses by.

mango fried rice

mango fried rice

The heat is certainly rising nowadays and my first thoughts are usually something foodish like smoothies or mangoes, pineapples, oranges, these kinds of things. I’ve never cooked with mango before and was intrigued because one of my favorite dishes I order at Thai restaurants is mango fried rice. There’s something so irresistible about the sweetness of the fruit and the saltiness from everything else. The one I made definitely doesn’t taste like the one I order, BUT, it was still good, I think. As I was cutting up the mango, green onions and tomato, I loved the colors that came of it.

And then I kept adding more ingredients, like scrambled eggs and frozen carrots, peas, chickpeas, onions. Put in some dashes of seasonings, and sauces like soy sauce and hoisin sauce.

This experience made me less afraid to cook with more mangos and try other recipes :) Let me know if you want me to write how I made this.

the seasons

the seasons

The winter breaks records,
Spinning on old playful songs,
As we huddle by the fire for comfort.

The spring unveils beauty in motion,
Through tiny snapshots of the inevitable,
Sun, flowers, rain showering the foundation.

The summer heat rises the atmosphere,
Waves of ocean breeze tingles on swimmer’s skin
Slowly enjoying wanderlust as time jumps forward.

The fall sweeps in as we devour pumpkin pies,
Green leaves changes to orange-y, yellow, red
Warmth in color, releasing quickly, as the cold settles in.

chasing the sun for you

chasing the sun for you

Last night, I had my camera at the right time. The sun was setting and I couldn’t resist just taking every single photograph. Once I saw what I caught, my heart just wanted to share it. I chased the sun for you. The world is way more beautiful than you ever think. Just pause a bit and see it beyond your everyday eyes and you’ll see something so different, so natural.

The clouds and the way they intermingle with the mixture of colors from the sky get me. I love how artistic nature is without even trying.


Chasing the sun for you,
Means you don’t have to
Go on alone.

summer child

summer child

this is for love (my mom is the best gardener I know)

Black sweaty fine hair fall upon your baby face,
As double dutch jump ropes and kickball
Games & laughter & silliness fill up hot summers.
Television hums and antennas tangle reception,
Afternoon naps as Mama beckons us to pink flowers,
Watering each dry soil patch making mud cakes
Picking ripe red cherry tomatoes off the stems
As time goes on without a peep or alarm,
Setting suns signal dinners on the stove,
Showering off the smell of nature’s fragrance
Dreaming dreams without any definition,
Just a feeling and knowing, it’ll be okay.

gratitude from the moon and back



There is something so sacred about traveling. Whether I go with people and especially on my own, I can always find this space and time in which I get so immersed in the beauty of being in transit. Being moved physically to another place opens all these new perspectives in my mind. Sometimes I can just feel how “right” and true everything is for me. Waiting at the airport, sitting in the airplane, watching the sunset gives me this necessary reminder to be one with myself. Practicing patience, calming nerves and focused observation teaches me so much about what it means to be human. We are all in this together. In transit, waiting, loving, working, and being; we are all in this together.

Traveling somehow breaks the boundaries of what normal is. People talk more with each other and they are more kind; they can be vulnerable because we are in a lot of ways. When we are in routine, it’s so easy to be stuck in our own minds, in our own cars, in our own cubicle; continuing the patterns of whatever thoughts cycle in and out. But when stationed in unfamiliar lands and going on adventures, the routine is on pause, a halt or an end. We can gain a new viewpoint. A few people came and talked with me at random about their lives throughout my journey and it was so heartwarming and surprising. I was grateful for their trust and their stories. I saw busy parents walking with their spirited babies embracing a whole new life experience. I shared smiles and laughs with strangers.

And I don’t want to exclude acts of kindness as well. Long ago, when I traveled alone, I remember the hospitality I received from people I call my friends now. Without knowing me at all, they taught me so many things about their country and open the doors to their homes and lives and showed me kindness I’ve never felt or seen before. I remember feeling so much gratitude and fortune and inclusion to be there at that time in my life. Similarly, on this trip to Hawaii, there were kind beings who gave me their walking stick for a long hike and a swimming raft without hesitation and with complete selflessness. These gestures lifted me up. I felt so honored  and continued their paying forward. It felt natural to exist and to give than it was to receive.

Although traveling can mean going somewhere new or going home or commuting, there is this sense of coming back to what matters. It makes you think about your life as an observer sometimes and maybe a new appreciation of what is and what will be.

you are sunshine

you are sunshine

Warmth radiates from your beautiful smile.
Your eyes sparkle with inspiration and love
It reflects back to me a kind of honest, full energy.
Thank you for your open soul and sending fresh air
To breathe freely as it travels all over my body.
My mind & heart walk together in unison,
Singing the very songs I had as a young child.
You are sunshine and I am sunshine because of you.
Mother nature gave us all we need to survive.
We are all sunshine. We are all sunshine.

Hawaiian love

Hawaiian love

Sun shines bright on every single living being,
Overlooking shade in the rainforests
As lovers walk on the uneven roots of your trees
And paths created by waters rushing in floods.
The waterfall cleansed my soul as it did my lungs.


Moved my heart in an unfamiliar way,
Freely allowing me to breathe, explore and evolve.
The long journey to the safety of your arms,
Worth the wait for the embrace you gave.



In harmony, animals and plants create this symphony
That they can only play, as peacocks walk by,
Butterflies flutter on, giraffes stand tall
And flowers burst in color in nature’s way.


You are giving to all who come and give as they give.
Ease of views to those who want,
But also challenges to those who seek more.
There is a peace here unlike any other.
A meaningful experience created by the explorer,
If they are willing to embrace the Hawaiian love.


the feelings

the feelings

These photographs that came out of nowhere. I wasn’t even planning on going and then someone told me about this place where I see lights shine all around, a place closest to paradise I’ve ever been to. Please enjoy. Please think of all the loving feelings you’ve ever felt and remember it for a second. Don’t let them slip away.




“You say something loving
It’s so overwhelming, the thrill of affection
Feels so unfamiliar
You say something loving
Without hesitation it hits me, hits me
It feels so unfamiliar
Before it slips away”
– The xx, Say Something Loving
too late, love

too late, love


Too late to admire,
Long gone this beauty left
For days in other realms.
Winds in other colors
And rain from other lands.

But it left without a word.
Without a farewell party
Or any preparation at all.

My heart grabs onto this image,
Of what is left from my belongings.
A moment in time forever it will be
To guide and thrive

Of what used to be.

Fashion Revolution Week – who made your clothes?

Fashion Revolution Week – who made your clothes?

To learn more about Fashion Revolution Week, go here:

Source of video: The Fashion Revolution YouTube page:

Dear handmade blazer,

I remember when I first saw you. I was a child and as children do, I would do little scavenger hunts and fulfilled my curiosities by trying on Mom’s clothes or lipstick or earrings (the clip-ons) and checking out every little crevice of the house because I thought I’d find something really fun or cool.

And I was going through Mom’s clothes and I saw you. I asked Mom where she got you. You were small and you fit me. It reminded me of something a person riding horses would wear and how chic they looked. I wanted to look good.

Mom said that she made you. I didn’t believe her at first. Convinced she made it up because that’s not what she did for work (clearly, I was so naive then). I investigated and didn’t see a tag. Throughout the years, I saw more clothes Mom had made and I knew she made you. She told me how you weren’t really finished and you were a prototype when she was learning to make clothes. But I didn’t care. I loved you and still do.

I wore you to school as a spring/fall jacket. I got compliments and asked where I got you and said my Mom made you. Even then, I knew that other moms didn’t make their clothes and I felt special because mine did (among the many other things that makes my mom awesome). You are not something I can wear anymore, but I still keep you with me. Because you’re something that came out of my Mom’s creativity, her own two hands and her patience and time.  Because you are a reflection of her and I want to cherish that forever.




The clothes you wear were made by someone. Do you know their story? Do you know their name? Support the companies and brands who do know and let you know. Transparency is so important. Be curious. Love the clothes you have and love the clothes you buy. Think more deeply when you make a purchase and where you are buying it from. Make your own. There is power in you to decide where your money goes, who your money supports and the values you care about.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day  saying “I will try again tomorrow.”

-Mary Anne Radmacher

the price of kindness

the price of kindness

I closed the bathroom door and I saw written behind it was graffiti with a being who had a message. They wrote that they wanted us to be kind. To simply be love to those we come across and I saw another message below it. Someone different who wrote that they didn’t want to, unless they were paid to. So often we drift away from the sense of reality that is. We are distracted by worldly desires and hung up on pedestals of our past to be better, be known and to be worthy. But we are human beings. We are worthy, we are living. We are LIVING with minds, consciousness and spirits. Your harsh words hurt others. Don’t let them fool you. Your smile uplifts, too. We are not robots (yet?) Beneath our confidence and the armor we built since birth is a soul and a heart that is breakable. They are constantly changing. I have a different viewpoint on life and you have a different viewpoint on life. That means just that, a different viewpoint on life. Kindness is respect and compassion. I had this sense of connection seeing the words spell out like that. Forming the thoughts I constantly want to remind myself to be. Regardless of whoever you may be, of what you are doing and who and what you believe in, kindness is universal and no one got anything done without it. And I think kindness is a first step and act towards greater good and positiveness we constantly need in this world.