warm summer night

warm summer night

you embrace me with your humid hugs,
kiss me with the light breeze on my cheeks.
the gravitational pull to your enticing energy
makes me disappear from where i’m standing.
instead, i am everywhere around this dark night.
i camouflage within the singing crickets,
skip along all the tall tree branches,
meeting up with all the twinkling stars.
fearing nothing as i breathe the essence
of this warm summer night.

tgif | gratitude

tgif | gratitude

hi everyone, it’s friday! it’s hard for me to have a bad mood on these days. not sure how much i can post this weekend (…hoping to work on a fun personal film editing project. when it’s ready, i’ll post it here for you to see), so i figured i wanted to share this list today. what are you happy about? i want to know :)

  1. i love the fact that it doesn’t take a lot to make someone smile
  2. receiving a comment from blogger Lu that i inspired her in making rice pudding! i’m glad those photos aren’t just for me to look at :)
  3. the film photographs i recently developed turned out wayyy more complex than i had thought. although i lost a lot of photographs in the process, i gained new artsy ones i could never edit on a computer
  4. revisiting my appreciation for tea and drinking more of it this week, especially ones with lemon or ginger
  5. making plans with family for the next celebratory meal/event. love it when we all can be together and bond
  6. learning to give myself the energy i give out to others
  7. receiving advice and wisdom from others who care
  8. with #7, knowing that i am always learning as well as always teaching
Light & Color Lab | inspiration

Light & Color Lab | inspiration

to continue the “colorful” posts, here are some cool graphics/photographs. a lot of science, color and creativity.



After prolonged use of exogenous chemicals, our brain chemistry becomes re-wired. The firing patterns of our neurons physically become different when our body becomes used to a chemical equilibrium produced by an addictive chemical.





dopamine and serotonin systems can explicitly affect our decision making and ultimately what we do








We undergo homeostatic interface changes multiple times every day & sometimes barely even notice it.



(images and words source: Light & Color Lab)

a broken 35mm camera

a broken 35mm camera

…created these photographs. i appreciate these even if they are broken:



if you’d like to use these photographs or other ones you see on my blog, please comment or send me an email (and link back to this site, please). it’d be cool to see my work used in some creative projects. if they are other works from other sources, please reach out to them about working with their artwork or words. thank you :)

some home cookin’ IV

some home cookin’ IV

hi everyone, i finally got around to posting these food photographs. i hope they inspire you. i haven’t been making a lot of food lately (or i should say “new” food or anything original), unfortunately, due to timing. but maybe that means when i do make something different, it’ll be worth posting :) feel free to check out post one, two, and three of this home cooking posting series. as always, i hope you are all well and smiling :) (use your mouse to hover over the image to see the name of the food item)

rice pudding (my first time making it and it was so delicious!)
quesadilla with corn, diced tomatoes, beans, onions, ground turkey


homemade pork, shrimp and green onion wontons, soooooooo good. it is a good amount of work, but worth it. stored uncooked ones in the freezer and was able to save myself some nights of cooking!
kielbasa, yellow & red peppers, green onions, diced tomatoes (not sure why but maybe i needed to use up ingredients in the fridge haha)
classic chocolate chip cookies (can freeze these too so you don’t need to eat it all at once)
egg rolls! i wish i had a pic of inside it. it was very delicious. i’d def make again. froze the extras, too.
tri-color rotini with tomato sauce, turkey meatballs, black beans and corn
broccoli, mac & cheese with meatballs. i like putting a new spin on mac and cheese, adding different ingredients (especially veggies) makes it taste more flavorful.
imsabrinarose | inspiration

imsabrinarose | inspiration

was inspired by seeing sabrina‘s artwork. i love how she exemplifies details in various medium of art.


I want to hold your hand with our feet in the ocean,

and feel your arms wrap around my waist while the salt air rushes by. 

The night would be cold but your face would be so warm on my neck.

California doesn’t know you, but neither do I. 

Life’s thrill is in the unknown and I hear it in your words that you agree.


Here I am at night;

But you’re still not with me.

Maybe that’s okay?

(images and words found: imsabrinarose)

thank you to sabrina for allowing me to show her beautiful work

remember when?

remember when?

we gave up our fears and took a leap
jumped onto the next train
that took us to our very first place.
no furniture, no couch, not even one single spoon.
just boxes on boxes taking over each room.
i took a moment and really stared at the walls.
this was ours, a place for us, take rest, press pause.
exhaustion and change, took over my mental space.
i broke down and felt like the whole world was out of place.
you held me close and asked, “what do you want for dinner?”
funny how a pasta bowl and good conversation
can make you feel like a winner.
how different we were back then and how amusing it is now.
we were just children trying to articulate life somehow.
our real first adventure together, first of many.
<3 :)

taken 2014/2015
8/20/16 | gratitude

8/20/16 | gratitude

  1. re-reading my old gratitude lists like this one makes me feel happy
  2. practicing patience with myself and others
  3. hearing that i’m someone’s favorite person to be around
  4. making people laugh by accident
  5. finding new art/artists and feeling inspired!
  6. receiving french fries because they thought of me
  7. my friend Christine for introducing me to wordpress because it makes me so happy to write, create and connect with awesome people
  8. watching documentaries that change the world in a positive, productive way & feeling like i can do something too
couldn’t have said it better

couldn’t have said it better

something i noticed about myself is that in the past, i loved reading quotes and would frequently feel depth with them. perhaps i was young and put weight on quotes because they described life experiences i hadn’t had yet (love, loss, etc). now that i’m older, i still love them, but it’s less of me idolizing them and more of me understanding them. same as song lyrics. i never used to know lyrics to songs (more in my grade school years), it was always about how it sounded or how it made me feel regardless of the words. now, i’m more aware.

here are some words i couldn’t have said better. words to share, to spread ideas for, to connect with each other. there are so many insightful wordsmiths out there it’s hard to just pick a few. these are taken out of context, but i think every line has its own interpretation to the reader. what’s yours? also, feel free to share some of your own.

You can’t start a fire in the pouring rain – tristan prettyman, singer

there are so many things in life that makes sense and steps that seem necessary, but at the end of the day, we never know what will happen. can’t force something that doesn’t seem to belong anymore; that doesn’t feel right.

Well, my heart – it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to. And my eyes – they don’t see you no more. And my lips – they don’t kiss, they don’t kiss the way they used to. And my eyes don’t recognize you no more for reasons unknown – the killers, music band

it’s how when you get older and things are just different. maybe nothing big happened, maybe nothing dramatic happened, it’s just you realize, hey, i changed. or maybe you went through a life-changing experience. circumstances changed, the world changed.

‘Cause even the stars they burn, some even fall to the earth. We’ve got a lot to learn – jason mraz, singer

there are infinite possibilities in this world to how it’ll turn out to be. no one’s perfect. no one has all the answers. not even nature itself. being alive means having to do daring things. it means not being the best because there is no best; there is just this and that and the other.

hold your own, know your name, go your own way – jason mraz, singer

many things in life pull us towards one direction to another. if we value our ethics, our beliefs and ourselves, it’s worth knowing yourself. it’s worth knowing where you want to go and who you want to be. it’s worth holding onto our own identities and to stick with them even if it’s not “popular” or “traditional” or “normal.”

it’s something that nobody tells you, you figure it out if you can, they can’t interfere or get inside of here, to the sleep of a satisfied man. yeah the sleep of a satisfied man – stephen kellogg, singer

one life to live up to your dreams, expectations, wants. whether it’s simple or complex, it’s your life. are you living up to your potential or to how you want to or to how you want to feel? are you giving yourself the permission to be happy, to be patient, to be loving and be loved? at the end of the day, no one can take away what you consider as success, what you consider as happiness, what you consider as “satisfaction.” it’s all up to you.

so let go, so let go, jump in, oh well, what are you waiting for? it’s alright ’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown – frou frou, music band

this reminds me to step out of my comfort zone. to really go for it and try for something new. if i want to paint, go ahead. i want to travel without a plan, why not? there’s always something beautiful that comes from a genuineness, a rawness, a messy, but realistic and human way we all work. i admire the details, the edges, the ways that make us all unique.

lucky rain

lucky rain

taken during lake george trip

good news today,
caught in the rain.
luck is unpredictable
like grey clouds passing
in the sky–
will it, won’t it?
unknown awaits

received good news after being caught in the rain. pretty good feeling. also, it’s so beautiful to be outside during a rainstorm. although very uncomfortable with wet clothes, it feels a little exciting.