something like that

something like that

i found this poem i wrote in a small notepad i sometimes carry with me. maybe this was written when i was on the train

the humidity is inescapable
the love affair is strong
wandering on connected roads
eating fresh fruit off trees.
and learning about my life.
absorbing every bit of difference
as sweat on my skin appear after my walk

the portfolio - in progress

It’s been a while since I thought about how it was to be there. Time goes by and I don’t really think actively about being away from home for that long. But this morning, after I peed, I came back to bed. It was light out a little but my room was still sort of dark.   After I closed my eyes, I could hear the noises outside.  The birds chirping, the wind blowing and a faraway wind chime chiming away.   I felt like I was in Taiwan again.  I had left my window opened last night and the cool breezes from outside made it all so calm.  When I was away, I always had this background feeling of something unfamiliar, but comfortable.  Where I could lay in bed and feel really relaxed, but having no attachment to the things around me; only feeling connected to the sounds and…

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forget me not

forget me not

moving quickly to catch up
time equates with success & progress.
slow down and speak with intention.
forget not, the past you of the present.
one step becomes two steps become three.
whoever we became is unknown clearly.
winning is a win, until the next game begins
drink sweetly and heal heartily in between
before the challenging race starts again.
peace yourself together, take time
those rushed see only blurry lines
of who they used to be.

heart over mind

heart over mind

i noticed, at this very instance, that i’ve been feeling more with my heart than thinking with my mind. maybe this is just now. maybe it’s been for a while. i was reading a blog post about why history was important and it wasn’t that i was bored or that the content wasn’t important, it was that my heart was over my mind. distracted. unfocused. so right now, i guess, you could say i’m writing from the heart. wondering, what is it trying to say?

one’s life involves so many various decisions and experiences. every perspective is a different one. it reminds me of those stories that we all have heard about those coincidences and maybe not coincidences at all. the ones how actors will say something like, “i wouldn’t change anything because it lead me right where i am now.” or how some boy, who was from the middle of nowhere, somehow created an empire and was now famous for something none of us would have ever thought of or would ever think to do. and i start to think of how many of those people do i know? thinking, would i change anything? thinking, no one really knows anything at all. we just decide to. we make the decision.

i apologize ahead of time for the grammatical and spelling errors. i’m learning now that when one’s heart is in control, it does not care what is logical or what makes sense. it doesn’t care about rules or holding back. it’s the almost too natural instinct to let go. whether it is to show love to someone. let go of the fear. whehter it is to follow your dreams. let go of the routine. whether it is to eat junk food. let go of control. i’m following my heart right now. i’ve already made several spelling mistakes and fixed them. but i’m letting go now. i’m letting go of being right.



you swore it never would
tear down like everything else.
unconvinced this little part
that began as self-doubt
until it actualized into being.

you told me breaking down
makes you build yourself up.
like giving all you give
and receiving what you should
until nothing else surrended

the residual evidence of life
is the solid matter of you.
overshadowed in the past,
you are the spotlight today
shine, shine all that is you

a little thought narrative with photographs

a little thought narrative with photographs

feeling a little creative. posting photographs from my ol’ little archive of stuff (all photographs are taken by me, i credit otherwise) and seeing if i can convey thoughts that make sense.


…is soon coming! but first there is this:

red leaves

…and makes me want to eat (and make) more warm, sweet, yummy..

& more walks with these views

scan0080IMG_4354scan0011scan0007which reminds me, remember to be kind to our furry friends


and don’t forget our self wellness!

IMG_0580Bag of oranges

and relax, sit back, enjoy company with friends & family


or in bed all warm and snuggly


and remember


is today, tomorrow and every single day. live in beauty like a


and spread as much of this as much as you can. they say all we need is…

pink heart

the human experience
to love someone
to love ourselves.

involves a lot of understanding,
compassion, time and patience.

effort worth taking.

there is no mask to wear
that can cover what we see
in ourselves and others every day.

words spoken that need not said,
actions that are unwanted
divert honesty to our truest intentions.