me, as a kid

Playing with mud during rainfall, Laughter ensues as gutters overflow. Rollerblading with sizes too big, Riding bicycles without hands. Fallen on concrete floors with scraped knees Heals with time moving slowly. And then a golden retriever runs after you. Your scared heart locks for a few seconds. Don't panic, it's okay. You love dogs now. [...]


not yet

We viewed ourselves as adults although we were far that kind of being. We wielded the power as if we earned it and carved little spaces of our lives for the imaginary. A life we created were based completely on how we thought we ought to live. Thank yous and no problems, hellos and see [...]

a forever bond

I want to hold her hand, Like she has mine. Walk her to her favorite place, Disregarding the lack of time. Series of film trigger memories Of places I've never seen. To learn of my guardian And her life as early as a teen. She defended me and my honor, Even when I didn't understand [...]

spaghetti & meatballs digital art

Cooking used to be so intimidating for me. Early on, my mom would ask for my help in the kitchen with simple tasks like cracking eggs in a bowl and making scrambled eggs. I remember one of the first times I did it and pieces of eggshell fell in. She didn't look bothered at all. [...]

Interview with interpretive park ranger Vivian Wang

Ever since I started watching documentaries about food waste, climate change, fast fashion and others, I began to really look at how my actions were in connection to these issues. I believe this really sparked my passion for nature more than I ever have. I developed a new appreciation for the world. National parks and [...]

shaky waters

Captive rivers tip over from glassy exteriors, Breakable to wreckage from broken coal ships, Glaciers sail through unwanted temperatures. Swimming alone through tides coming in, Are flocks of sea creatures without habitats. Lands become open water ocean views As foundations break in thousands of pieces. Rafts and safety vests thrown in the ring, As we [...]

papawei scenic lookout | maui, hawaii | travel

A short narration based on a piece I wrote called, our dreams, conveyed through these photographs. The words above were: We flew in from a place that had everything we ever needed. A home to protect us from danger, food that would feed our empty stomachs and love that would warm our hearts until the [...]

feeling sick

Hoping the bug will break away, From the fragile body that is my vessel. Distance spreads farther from body and mind. Desire for one and another consumes me. Rest and numbness battles hard against Defenses of the active mind to work and play. The poison works well to defeat me; Short periods of in-between strength. [...]

I’m Sitting Lonely At The Shore

I most definitely relate to this. Thank you for these words Frank!

Frank Solanki

I’m sitting lonely at the shore
Watching the waves crash
Some birds are singing melodies
Others make a dash
To the nearest ball of cloud
Stuffing up the sky
Fills my head with wonder
Spectacles my eyes
Though I have no one with me
I don’t feel alone
Nature is right next to me
And I feel at home

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living peacefully

I wanted to make a digital scrapbook-type image. draft one draft two The above reads: We drove by these creatures of the earth. We saw green grass and blue skies. The trees and grass were of abundance. No longer did our car feel like we were in a sea of others. We were the minority. [...]

held tight

I felt so overwhelmed and blanketed with my emotions.  I was blinded by them and up until now, I had not realized what that really meant.  I walked outside against the wind and against the cold.  My hoodie was all that I had, plus my keys.  After sitting for several minutes on the crunchy beach [...]

flowers through a broken camera

The blurriness reveals nothing to me. Standing in the middle of the field of flowers, taking photographs with a broken camera, my life was meaningful in ways I can't understand anymore. But I know I was free. I was alone. I was with a full heart of optimism and hope. And I was loved. That [...]

some home cookin’ VIII

I finally remembered to take some photographs of some dishes I made with yellow squash. There's no dessert-making nowadays due to the change in weather. I've been inspired to cook more of what I've been craving---Asian dishes. I tweaked them a bit and luckily there were still good. I also made a dish that was [...]