just keep going

I had to walk across the pond, Without the heavy gear, Without fancy boots Or a canoe to sit in. Wading through Step by step. I met others, Crossing like me. With or without a friend. Silently and triumphantly As each sunset set And each day the sun rose. There was no choice. Like a [...]



the spare bedroom bare without walls. it was open across the kitchen shaded with old curtains lamps without shades thoughts without words hearts without feelings don't live like this, please. build something better. be something more. fill your heart until it's overwhelmed take care of all that is you of all that is your life [...]

live on

a fatherless child, wrecked. filled emotions ignored, mother towards another. son towards the sun, he ran towards a light. escaping for new life. looking back now, tears fill his eyes decades of thoughts. pours through like tea simmered long enough release the steam, cools. achievements are long overdue from hard work a heated home, home-cooked [...]

Redwood National Parks | photo diary post | travel

Happy Earth Day.


Redwoods was comfortable, but at times it took my breath away because of the exhilarating beauty. 

I feel so connected to something so close to my source, my soul. Redwoods gave me peace and calm.

One hike here is not like another. It’s all a different experience.

Fern Canyon

Smith River

The Redwoods changed me. I felt so much peace and connection to the area and the trees. The air reminds me of being at mom and dad’s house and the sea breeze.

Banana slug

…I even love the banana slugs, even though in the past slugs have creeped me out so much.

I was skeptical of coming at all. I thought maybe it’d be too long to be in one place, but I adored it. No access to phone and internet made it easy to relax and chill.


To read my poem, a redwood tree, click here

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does it begin?

I am desperate to write. Desert winds on my internal soul, I want a refreshing way to revive myself. To put words onto the proverbial paper. I've already sunk my teeth into the sappy generic wordings. Ones we've recited to ourselves and heard others speak so fluently like singing annoying pop songs and commercial jingles. [...]

how i get inspired

take a nice shower buying an art book with lots of color or information visiting a bookstore that sell used or second-hand books watching a documentary cooking a new recipe taking a walk in nature looking at photographs i've taken listening to calming music traveling to a new place hearing someone tell their story

Droplets of Time

so good.


They were not mere raindrops
sliding down my father’s car windows.
They were colliding and merging worlds.
A game of creation and annihilation.

Droplets of Time, tears of the Soul.
My father’s car is long gone
but I still wonder at the power
of a child’s imagination.

And when it starts raining
there are neither where nor why.
The Silence in my heart helps me
to clarify some of Life’s great mysteries.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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To live

There is dirt. There is random grass patches and bare tree limbs. A sign of changing seasons. Of abandoned nature left to their own state. And then a short pink hyacinth is discovered. Along the way, it somehow found itself planted in this area of unfamiliarity. It blooms. It survives rainstorms and snowflakes. It lives. [...]

change for coffee

I've been spent Empty pockets Holes in the corners Running low on fuel. Change leaves my hands As quickly as time lands. Searching for two dollar bills Seeking in an abyss of darkness. Foolish teens spend silver dollars Found in old treasure chests Made of oak and redwood Trees of our dynasties sung Without being [...]