parallel lives

We wound up in the car, Driving over crosswalks and bridges, Little minute parallels of destinations. Paths intersecting in every direction, Like fireworks bursting in the sky, Falling down, disappearing in seconds. Like our ideas that spark suddenly, Brain synapses lighting monitors of MRI. There is life in machines like us.      


more 2/17/18 thoughts

I'm feeling this overflow of inspiration. Not a feeling of complete freedom and happiness, but the kind of creativity that has puffy eyes from insomnia or intensity from the heart and the mind. Something raw. Something imperfect. A need that surges through all the pathways in my body and craves a way to keep flowing [...]

2/17/18 thoughts

We are strips of fabric, patterned in different designs. The edges have different linings and some have strays of thread. Some of our pieces were cut from scissors, while others were torn by hand. There is no size too big or too small because they represent only a piece of what we all are as [...]

2/6/18 thoughts

There is this sense of wanting to be needed. To be grounded by the attachments and achievement we make in our lives. To not wither away like a fallen leaf flying around in the wind as it lands on the ground only to be brushed up again to another place. There's comfort to feeling fulfilled. [...]

snapshot and story, 2/3/18

I remember the day I took this. Years ago, I decided to play around with my dad's "new" camera. He probably bought it a bit ago, but I didn't really care for it until then. Picked it up and decided to just shoot things. Adjusting the different settings not knowing really what it'll do. These [...]

2/1/18 thoughts

Stability treads on thin lines of balanced equations. They don't align always and they are rarely ever perfect, but it is possible. There is stillness in the chaos of our paths. Even among the rush of the mornings and the late-night thoughts of future goals or fears we are given streams of minutes in which [...]

1/31/18 thoughts

Reasons why things don't work out usually come from some kind of boundary; usually ones we can't control or ones we choose not to. A lot of things in our lives are out of our hands, but there are many that are. To understand our powers, our abilities and our hearts, there's so much more [...]

1/25/18 thoughts

It isn't until we go through the process of complete openness, unveiled, uncensored, unfiltered life do we ever truly change for good. It is where we meet our insecurities and stop protecting our fears. Seeing our flaws and judgements and allowing them to live along with the glowing qualities we want to shine and admire. [...]

stream of consciousness or reality?

we surrendered our weapons, poured our hearts into rivers, sacrificed our words for visions. so it could flow forever across lands. unity was built by wooden pallets, left by the side of abandoned buildings. seen, but ignored, unwanted. no longer does this exist. with unity, we created bridges walked across them with our souls trust [...]