the little shop in Chinatown

the little shop in Chinatown

I had a meeting today in the city. The city in which I haven’t visited in a couple of months. I had seen it with new eyes today and I’m not sure why. It inspired me. I wanted to eat at every local restaurant, look into each passing place of people chatting about this or that and just take photographs of every corner; even of the empty alleyways or the one millionth building I’ve taken over the past years. And then I walked by the little shop Mom introduced me to.

There was a big white sign that had a message. Lights and beautiful fabrics from their windows were replaced with darkness and empty walls and floors. The sign mentioned gratitude for all their customers and that they enjoyed serving us for close to half a century. My heart sank knowing that I’ll never ever have the chance to walk through these doors again. I immediately tried to remember the last time I was there. Perhaps checking to see if they had interesting buttons for a possible bag or shirt I’d make (Oh can I dream!) or maybe to get some felt for my diy coasters. Maybe it was to just visit as I sometimes would. They used to have this orange cat with a fluffy tail that would slink under racks and against walls. There were so many colorful, funky and eclectic fabrics and mysterious tools and threads for sewing. Mom would take us here often when we were children because she sewed a lot back then.

She called me the other night and I told her what I saw. I could hear some sadness in her voice. I’m sure she was thinking of all the times she went there, too. The passing of time was reflected by a couple of closed doors. Their sign is still up. The memories are still there. The spirit of the little shop in Chinatown will remain with my mother and me as we always remembered it to be.

in being creative

in being creative

feeling a lot of this lately. when new & interesting things happen in my life, i feel like i’m getting a recharge of energy i haven’t felt before. much like traveling, it gives me a whole new perspective on how i used to see things. it challenges me to really push myself out of my comfort zone and show myself what i really have inside me: fear? bravery? will? strength? weakness? resiliency? let’s get creative! below is a repost of a poem i wrote. thank you to all the people who are inspiring me in life and in wordpress and thank you to the new readers. i welcome your inspiration, too :)

the portfolio - in progress

something inside me persists
in making something i never had before.
it urges me to seek out the colors and the lines
of the boundaries of what it is that exists
in my mind and in my memories.
making, doing, researching
fulfills a need, a craving and an idea.
sometimes time is lost
sometimes gold is found
seeking some kind of enlightenment
in being creative

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what do you stand for?

what do you stand for?

my father took this photograph

i stand alone
in the middle of the ocean
the water rocks back and forth.
the days change my perspective,
weather challenges my strength.
on hard rainy days,
through burning summer ones,
i resist the urge to fall.

we stand together
in the middle of this universe
as the world rocks back and forth.
climate & chemicals change our landscapes,
pollution & greed destructs our foundation.
through conflicts and conversations,
we resist the urge to fall.

i’m sitting here,
writing to you,
to remind you,
time is what we all have,
until there isn’t any more.
where do you want to stand?
what do you want to stand for?

i guess i wrote the above piece to sort of think about the bigger picture. to be kind. to stop hurting one another. to love our loved ones. to think about how our actions affect our world and how our inactions can, too. figure out who are you, figure out what you believe in and practice it as much as you can.i want to live in a more sustainable life, my friend supports the arts & creativity, my cousin believes in technology and education, an old work friend fights for human rights. children believe in dreams and imagination. we all have the ability and power to change the world.

Brittany Spencer | inspiration

Brittany Spencer | inspiration

i am always excited to see Brittany’s blog posts. her content is just very unique, inspiring, educational and overall productive. i hope i can lead a dynamic creative life like her someday as she is a teacher, graphic designer and papermaking artist.



Remember to never forget the rush of flying toward the sky with the help of a swing-set, hiding from monsters underneath bed-sheet forts, that pets are the greatest secretkeepers, and that lightning bugs are fairies in disguise. Today’s culture focuses so much on what a child should learn from adults. My art focuses on the opposite: What can adults relearn from children to better enjoy our daily lives? What magical and fun occurrences are overlooked in this busy, straight-forward world?


A few posts I particularly found interesting:

My Rigged Mould & Deckle
My MFA Thesis Show
Design I // Texture
Design I // Line Explosion

(images, links and quote source)

Thanks Brittany for letting me feature your work!



9/17 | gratitude

9/17 | gratitude

to be completely honest, i’m not feeling the warmest and happiest today, but figured whenever i feel this way, i want to look at what i’m grateful for and remember what truly matters. here are some things:

  1. having someone care for me, especially when I get injured (really minor, don’t worry) and tries to make me feel better
  2. the sweet quietness and calmness of the morning before “life” happens
  3. connecting and feeling inspired by some of the most creative, smart and meaningful people all over the world through this blog & internet in general
  4. the feeling i get when i set a goal and meet it/exceed it
  5. remembering the days when i would frequently sit by the beach hearing the waves swish in and out
  6. being in love with someone
  7. going to new places and discovering something i’ve never seen or eating new food not common where i live or just experiencing a new environment & learning from it
coolpeppermint – memories and musings | inspiration

coolpeppermint – memories and musings | inspiration

i enjoy the posts Lu makes on her blog. she mixes in really thoughtful posts/questions, amusing observations on life and beautiful artwork she has created. she has an eye for meaningful moments.


Thinking is thinking: chaotic and constant. Feeling is feeling: sometimes uncontrollable and inexplicable and discomforting. Writing’s sorting through that. If my head were a tree raining varied thought-leaves, then writing’s my little rake.




When I close my eyes I imagine we’re all just souls inhabiting bodies. That these are just vessels and they’ve been painted on, molded, shaped and sculpted. We don’t choose which we inhabit; we simply do. When I’m searching around for others beings, I’m trying to sense these vessel occupants. Over time our outsides start to reflect our insides, so it gets easier.


On the car ride home I detected, from the smoky poof of our deep conversation, wispy strands of respect in your eyes.


(all images, words, artwork source)

Thank you Lu for letting me share your work here!

city work life

city work life

i used to feel so alone
on that train platform.
i also used to feel so included,
to be part of the culture
that rises early in the morning,
to struggle through nature’s storms,
and warm up from the sunny sun,
to walk on busy city streets,
and wonder if life will change.
curiously amused with strangers
and imagine the lives they lead.
men in shiny shoes and clean suits,
women with high heels and dresses.
then i’m on the train home,
seeing my reflection against the window.
darkness enveloped by everyone’s reflections, too.
to come home, rest, have fun
meeting the morning rush soon enough

peace piece

peace piece

felt inspired by Beth’s post on 9/11. i’m putting my focus on peace. to build it, to create it, to love it, to be inspired by it, to be it (or at least try). below are a list of songs, images, stories, word to live by that give me peace (just a few of the many things).

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here, Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it’s all right – The Beatles (I like the Nina Simone cover of it)



Peace begins with a smile – Mother Teresa


from dawn to dusk
we move in continuous motion
barefooted like children
walking slowly toward one
place, sight and sound,
tiny footprints on the sand.
marking the moments
beyond the ripples of the water.
breathing in fresh air
cools and cleans the lungs
of dust and dirt like an old attic.
we hold hands as the sun is setting
we are the world.
we are the world

we are the world, july 1, 2016


And I’m right beside you, more than just a partner or a lover, I’m your friend – Jason Mraz, Love Someone

rose watercolorscan0006

morning sun shines
above us in the clear skies
and the light seeps in
through our curtains.
sweet, like your smile,
you radiate love from within.
no shade can cover,
you are forever,
you are the sun.

sweet, april 30, 2016


often, when i’m given the opportunity to be near the water (especially at a new place i’m visiting), i like to take a moment to see it and to sit by it. to admire its beauty and to reflect on all the things that come to my mind. i like having positive thoughts and energy during this time because it’s too beautiful not to. i’m grateful for it. i’m lucky to see this view and to be here, right now. one time, i reached the very top of this mountain in lake george ny (photo above) and we were met with a few others before us sitting on the side. we all sat together in silence just admiring this beauty. the air was clear, the feeling was relaxing. time was still and there was nothing to worry about.