Concert review: Imogen Heap (2019)

Imogen Heap is a musical genius. She is one the most creative, innovative and interesting musicians out there. I never thought I’d ever see her live since she hasn’t gone on a world tour for eight years or so. It was so worth it.

Honestly, this was a dream come true. There have been countless times in which I’d replay her CD (yes, I actually bought a CD) because it made me happy, hopeful and inspired. Her music came to me during a time in my life when I was still discovering my identity and personal preferences. Learning about her made me admire her even more. Her songs validated these indescribable experiences that mainstream pop songs just couldn’t do. Imogen is also super talented and it is wonderful to see someone with so much knowledge and skill be recognized.

Hearing the songs I’ve enjoyed for years live is an unreal experience (Goodnight & Go, Let Go, Breathe In and Just For Now to name a few). For some of these songs, she performed with her long-time collaborator Guy Sigsworth. This was such a treat! Despite her being sick, her vocals were amazing. Imogen performed with musical, high-tech gloves that assisted her in manipulating the music while she sang. They are called Mi.Mu Gloves and she created them. This is definitely a progressive way of performing and an invention that is, in general, the bee’s knees! She spoke about them in her recent performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert video featured above.

The crowd was so eclectic. There were people dressed in nice dresses, casual jeans, cowboy boots and all in various age groups. Perhaps it’s because her music has been featured on various platforms like the television show The O.C. and the soundtrack to the film Garden State. Her song has been covered by Ariana Grande, sampled by Jason Derulo and she collaborated with Taylor Swift. She even composed the music for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

She chatted with the audience quite a bit and even had a quick Q & A. I admire and appreciate her ability to just be real and relatable on stage. I’m not sure when she will be performing next, but I will definitely be looking out for her next big idea and song release.

donut reflections

donut reflections

I was making some art on MS Paint and realized, hey, I had a few thoughts. It’s written in the image above, but in case you can’t read it, here’s what I wrote:

everything has become a performance. things aren’t legitimate until there’s a brand name or a label or a degree. it feels staged. like i’m afraid to start anything because of the fear of not knowing what is validated or not. but why even care? i want to write. i want to create things. i want to bake cookies and i want to change the world for the better. i can do those things. you can do those things. we don’t need to be held back by some kind of standard we are trying to uphold or a title we need to define. i am human. you are human. can we just be humans again?

nice surprise

white flowerswhite flowers 1

It was a nice surprise. I had just come back from watering the other flowers when I noticed these little ones pop up after a day. I saw the bulbs a day ago and they were completely closed and then suddenly, overnight, they decided to bloom! These weren’t even planted by me. The little birds or the wind must of gathered the seeds and moved them wherever because these came at a surprise to begin with. Does anyone know what these are called? You’ll see that some mint are also peeking out as well.

animation love

Animating is time-consuming. It takes a lot of heart and patience to see a project complete. I’ve only animated a couple of times and it is really hard. It is truly a step by step process in every movement that is being created. The difficulty, I think, lies in the patience for the repetitive process, and planning ahead.

In the video above, at the 38 second spot, you see a variety of these animated moving parts. It’s incredible what art we can create through these mediums. Movement speed, physics, geometry, color, and shapes all define this artwork. And then you see animated films and television shows come to life and it is remarkable what they can do.

Food product review: Mong Lee Shang Coconut Milk Drink

This post is not sponsored in any way.

Mong Lee Shang coconut milk1

For dietary reasons, my mom wanted to drink more coconut milk for her health. She came upon this at an Asian grocery store we often go to. I hadn’t tried it until earlier this year and now I wonder why I waited so long.

It’s delicious! It’s sweet and obviously coconut-y, but not overbearingly so with either taste. It is wonderful chilled and shaken. For me, it’s like a dessert in itself. The can has two sides and I happen to have taken this photograph of the side with the Chinese characters for the brand name. I just double-checked and it is in fact Mong Lee Shang. I’m not too familiar with the brand (or that I’m aware of), but I would recommend this for sure.

some home cookin’ X

Ah! It’s crazy I haven’t posted a home cookin’ post since December 2017. I’m super behind and haven’t been taking as many photographs. I’ve recently gotten back into the game though, so hopefully you can see the new dishes I’ve cooked by 2021…haha. There have been so many times in my life in which I’ve turned to cooking and baking as a way to get creative, but also to relax. I have some new dishes I tried this year, so I’m excited to show you all. Hope you enjoy!

This Vietnamese pancake is called bánh xèo. My version was pretty simple. Perhaps I’ll try this one again, but with more filling. I used shrimp, red peppers and green onions this time. I actually have enough photographs to make a DIY on this, so that may be a future post!

banh xeo

banh xeo 1

This is just a simple BLT–bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I think the bread slices are from a larger Italian loaf and the cheese is Colby.


This was a dish of leftovers of sorts. On the plate: roasted chicken, sauteed bok choy and skillet potatoes. I love potatoes so much!

bok choy potatoes roasted chicken

Just a simple spaghetti with meat sauce. This spaghetti is whole grain and the meat is ground beef. It was super easy and delicious. I was too lazy to make meatballs from scratch, so this was an easy alternative.

spaghetti and meat sauce

This is fried rice. I make this often, so I’m not sure if this is with kimchi, but looking at the color, I think it is. I had mixed in whatever I had in the fridge which were eggs, corn, pees, carrots and kimchi. The spicy kimchi definitely adds a kick!

fried rice

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