flying times

7am.alarms.waking.birds already up.
i’m up. i[m uP!
quick, prepare.
my feet go tap tap tap
i get there before the teeth of doors close
i wait..patiently.
i get there!
happiness. thankful.

This week flew!  Last Sunday I smelled the morning’s warm smog of the cars and buses and I was ready.  Riding the trains in the other direction was new.  Finally getting there was only a small part of this adventure.  It sort of set the tone for this week’s happiness.  Friends we laugh, sing and dance with and also share embarrassing, childhood stories are people we need in our lives.  Overpriced french fries, extra sugary ice cream and over-stuffing ourselves with other good foods and waiting for the delayed trains makes life wayy more interesting and worthwhile. Way more.  You might bump into one of the greatest people in your life during these flying times.


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