poetic justice

Thank you @bendedspoon for getting me started on a rhyming tune, so please be prepared for my no-lie, drive-by justice cry.

two yesterdays.
i saw two gays.
they were holding hands
like beautiful ampersands
never to disband

their new world,
our old land…

and what do you know?
on tonight’s show
a strong woman lead
what a new breed!
thank goodness for us
this was surely a must
to teach our children of
all this sexist stuff…

i felt Happy Sappy
when i saw who it was
she was this girl, this woman,
she was my cuz.
we are not Blood,
we are not buds
but we share a commonality

and that’s our nationality.
to be nitty-gritty
it’s our Asian ethnicity.

for once i see, on tv
someone who looks,
sort of like me.

a felt free a little
like out of the middle

who am i? who do i see?
the only thing that matters
is that i am me.

So I guess I lie, this was no drive-by, this gave me a high, rhyming with each sigh.  it’s nice to be heard. in this form i learned: to be simple and blunt, is just another stunt to soften the blow, the heat, the brunt.  i don’t mean to diss and i don’t mean to piss, but this (pause) this was my poetic justice.


2 thoughts on “poetic justice

  1. ahaha
    it’s fun you betcha!
    with each line
    you got to smile.
    some may raise brow
    but what do they know
    of the happiness
    it cause with each pause.
    as long as i hurt nobody
    it’s ok to be simply me.
    mind you, when i wasn’t me
    it hurts so much
    that i want to collapse.

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