baddda booom

time flew and there it was, time to go!
wearing baggy man pants and anything with sleeves.
Hopped onto the moving vehicle and Jet on leaving traces of essence
time was on my side. today, Today it is.
you said it’s Perfect.
Tis Great..You Got This
not Enough. never enough.
stop and think about it. take the time that Time has left.
you smile and stretch and show off your skillz.
i’ts okay cuz you have that right. it’s ok cuz you’re already doing it.
thanks for pushing me when i didn’t move.
thanks for taking no sugar when the water was sour
thanks for making it when nothing was there.
next thing i know, a girl with an outgrown mohawk
and a baby girl with crazy curls
holding flowers in her hands.
dances around and around and around
saying “i love this, i love this so much, thank you mommy, thank you for making these for me.”
mommy likes beauty. she likes differences.  she likes the things that no one wants and the things that everyone needs.  she said yes to everything.
maybe next time time will be on your side.
maybe next time we’ll be on the same side.
hops on they go as their essences fade as the bus they sit on leaves as well
man with aviator shades and cowboy boots lost his mojo.
he lost it long ago with cheap thrills and broken strands…
he brings back the essence, the essence he remembers and the ones he wants.
it’s too late.  it’s over. but it’s okay. it doesn’t matter.
when one line ends, another one begins.


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