oh my love

Last week was such a haze.
A cloud cover with sunshine streaming through.
I saw my soul’s mates this week
Oh how I missed them.
Oh how I miss them.
And everything was the same, but sweeter.
More power is in me now
And I walk on knowing more.
Feeling more.
And Seeing more.
It’s the greatest feeling in the world.
Perhaps how superheroes feel.
I think we’re all superheroes somehow.
Wishing All of You feel it someday. One day. Everyday.
I am me, but inching, tip-toeing, peeking to who I aim to be.
(Is it cuz I’m short?)
I do not fear. I do not anticipate.
Happenings will happen all the time.
Just watch out for those moments that stand on their own.
Because those are the ones that will never leave you alone.
I’ve fallen in love and is now in another haze.
A haze that has sunshine cover with clouds streaming through
I have a wise, old soul with a youthful spirit

Thank you so much for all the good times and the laughs and the talks and the sad and the mad and the happy (with the sappy) and most importantly, the ones that were real, that are real and shall be for a long time.  I love you, Guys and Gals, Mom and Dad! <3


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