heart food, train adventures, see you laters

Yesterday was a very strange day.  I came upon reading my horoscope on the train about how someone I know will need my help but will be too embarrassed to ask for it, so I should offer it anyways.  Not even putting the two together at the time, the  stranger sitting next to me tapped on my shoulder and asked, “What stop is this?”  Before I knew it, I was directing her exactly where she wanted to go and I even had to get off because I was afraid she’d be lost since she was still confused.  I was delayed about 10-15 min. but that didn’t really matter.  She wasn’t from here and if I could at least make her feel okay about traveling around, she might like this city as much as we do.

But aside from that, the whole day consisted of many see you laters.  I woke up today comforted with the fact that if things got missing, or broken or lost, the memories, the experiences, the love for those things or people can’t be taken away. No matter what.  I don’t need a secret stash to keep them safe.  I don’t need passwords or pin numbers to get to them or protect them.  I just have to close my eyes and there they are.


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