it was a cold and windy day..

She walked down the narrow aisle and found a seat right in the middle..sort of.  It was more towards the right of the middle, but it didn’t really matter.  It was what she said that mattered.  The class starts and the teacher began with one question, “What does the other mean?”  He walks up and down, right and left and looks at every single student in the eyes.  Silent. Serious. Calm.  One kid on the other side threw up a lazy hand and said, “People who are different.”  The Professor replied, “Okay, good.  But what is different?”  Professor gave some glances toward some key students.  She was one of them.  She looked back and didn’t say anything.  Another hand was raised and a few others after that, but no one seemed to know exactly what this professor had wanted.  Every answer that could possibly be the answer were already mentioned and everyone was exhausted.  Knowing this, The Professor said, “This is a simple answer.  Don’t over analyze.”  The girl gave him a look and raised her hand.  He looked at her and signaled her to reply.  What she had said was this, “The other is not us.”  He smiled and there it was.  That was what he needed to finally start his class.

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