something like that

It’s been a while since I thought about how it was to be there. Time goes by and I don’t really think actively about being away from home for that long. But this morning, after I peed, I came back to bed. It was light out a little but my room was still sort of dark.   After I closed my eyes, I could hear the noises outside.  The birds chirping, the wind blowing and a faraway wind chime chiming away.   I felt like I was in Taiwan again.  I had left my window opened last night and the cool breezes from outside made it all so calm.  When I was away, I always had this background feeling of something unfamiliar, but comfortable.  Where I could lay in bed and feel really relaxed, but having no attachment to the things around me; only feeling connected to the sounds and the feelings.  I like that memory can work like that a lot of the times.  Without me having to look through pictures or talking about Taiwan or even thinking about it, I can have a fulfilling memory come into fruition.


One thought on “something like that

  1. Reblogged this on the portfolio – in progress and commented:

    i found this poem i wrote in a small notepad i sometimes carry with me. maybe this was written when i was on the train

    the humidity is inescapable
    the love affair is strong
    wandering on connected roads
    eating fresh fruit off trees.
    and learning about my life.
    absorbing every bit of difference
    as sweat on my skin appear after my walk

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