I love that I love

I’m the kind of person that can just fall so easily.  I can fall so easily in love with things, people, designs, nature, mannerisms, jokes.. etc.  And when I say ‘people,’  I don’t mean romantically.  I mean how I can just be so into something because it’s something that makes me feel so much inside me that I can’t even describe.  I’m the kind of person who will replay a song over and over again just because it sounds good, because the voice is moving and because the message is right.  I’m the kind of person who can just stare off into the sky or the ocean or even get hypnotized while birds nibble on bread pieces or how dogs can just lick their way to the bottom of their bowls.  I love watching films with characters who are real because the actors make them real.  I love the taste of real chocolate that stays on my tongue.  I love when my hair can fall a certain way and not again the next.  I love that I can make people smile with smiling.  I love that babies have tiny feet and soft toes.  I love that I find things fascinating.  I understand that most people wouldn’t even give these things a second thought but that’s okay.  It’s me who falls so easily anyways.  I love that I love.


2 thoughts on “I love that I love

  1. Connie, found this post today, and I echo many of you “loves” As I read it, my mood lifted (I had begun to slip a little into the doldrums) and I smile with you at most of you loves. I enjoy your posts.

    1. Hello Deb, I’m so, so happy to read your comment. I forgot I had this post, but I am certainly appreciative you found it. Loving love is such a great feeling.

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