it’s a small world..

As of late, I’ve felt like the world has felt very small.  I feel like the ceiling is just really reachable and my head can just touch it.  (I’m short, so that’s saying a lot.)  I don’t feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic; I just feel like my environment has become filled with boundaries.  It’s a spacious, yet closed environment.  After discussing this and other “non-earth-shattering merely wondering about the world” type thoughts, I felt a little better just having these ideas said out loud.  Perhaps it’s the routine.  Perhaps it’s the increase in responsibility or perhaps it’s the lack of sparkles I see from cars that drive by because the sun isn’t as shiny nowadays.  (Winter isn’t my favorite..)  But I don’t feel like it’s horrible to feel this way, nor do I feel like it’ll be forever.  It’s a phase, I suppose.  I almost feel like I’m in a waiting line just trying to buy my things, get on the next bus, or waiting for my water to boil so I can cook my pasta.  I’m certain things will feel more “sky” or big again, but it’s not here yet.  It’s okay.  I guess I’ll go put my clothes in the dryer now and wait for that buzzer to ring……


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