my dog

I’m sitting here wrapped up in my overly colorful blanket, wearing my dog print fleece peejays and an overly large size of men’s england’s tee wondering why I’m so damn awake.  True story, the conversation between my boyfriend and I went like this, “hey, I just turned on my computer..”  cute boy: “why? that’s going to keep you awake” me: “what do you mean?”  cute boy: “.. because you’ll be on it..”  me: “oh, yeah, but I”ll only be on it for only a lil bit” ….

45 min. later…

this is my dog. he’s made of paper and finds joy in flying on clouds shaped like bones.  he has a black colored tail and he speaks doggie-english.  His name is Spots.  I dedicate this creation to my fellow.

dog on cloud
his name is Spots


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