too much

offensive are the comments
formatting makes it cleaner
and acceptable and forgiving
format me this, please:
there’s too much of everything
sensory and visual overload, sir.
i am polite, needing to always, sir.
status and labels are what defines us, right?
“gotta look good, gotta be defined. gotta be refined.”
no one really cares of much of anything these days
they only stare now.
it’s too hard for you to:
feel from the heart, not from the glut
you say things to all but only you will listen.
centered is the world, not you.
centered is the soul, not everyone else.
centered is love, not hate.
only one will create unfolding strength.
didn’t i know this?
centered is changing,
not fast, not slow, just changes
centered is creating, not manipulating.
“know thyself,” they say, right?
do you?
command: format ends. –cnw

freestyle poem

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