twisted and mixed

what a general term life is.
within it, their tragedies can kill us
among them, their beauties can break us
and the mixed batch in between
makes us float
there are so many moments that are so beautiful and so painful;
it’s almost too dramatic and almost too insane and almost too lonely.
artists takes it all in and gives it back to us.
when artists say it’s passion, it’s obsession, it’s art.. they spoke of truth, they live through their craft and dream with their souls.
they make us lost within their reality.
it’s a pleasure to feel that. –cnw

I’ve never reblogged from someone else’s blog, but i feel inspired to do so (a little) today.  reblogs coming yo’ way.

i feel warmth from how kind this community of sharing is.  good luck everyone in all your endeavors.

all this inspires me.


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