how to describe this morning

realism is the norm
I wake after seven long hours of depth.
and I am blessed.
Clearing some messes and disorder,
i smell the a hint of smoke.
And I look out the window:
surrealism is the norm.
fire smothering the small bush outside.
luckily, help came quickly.
the men in uniform came and saved us all.
what remains is the breakage.
what remains is a trapped drunken fellow.
i hope he finds his way.
To the young, innocent and ignorant,
we feared the unknown and the unimaginable.
To the courageous, jaded and lawful,
this was not surprising, this was not chaos.
this was part of the procedure.
The cold sifts into my soft cheeks while I stood there.
Wonder why things like this must happen at all (?)
Thankful to my Ma and Pa to give me a strong sense of smell.
how shall i describe this morning to them?


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