Feb., I love you

I found this heart on the floor of my bathroom while I was peeing. I thought, “how fitting,” and grabbed my camera and here it is.

Shortest month of the year and yet, Feb., I love you.  I wanted to post something before March comes by tomorrow and turns everything long again.  February is short and sweet.  It’s cute and whimsical.

I woke up this morning feeling sort of in a daze and sort of in a sour mood, but having seen a few smiles from strangers, I realized that there’s really no reason to frown.  If they’re going to smile at me, then I’m going to smile back.  Your smile makes you more beautiful than any of your other accessories.

Visited New York City.  City has style, fame and intensity more than any other place I’ve been to in the last few years.  This trip taught me to stay open-minded and to leave the judgements and comparing-tendencies home.  Every place is different for a reason and each one will offer different things.  Highlights of the trip include Grand Central Station, random flea markets, savory burgers with perfect fries and taking photos just because.  Get out there!  I’m sure you’ll find appreciation for travel, for your home and for your thirst in discovering the unfamiliar.  Tell me, where are you going to go?

See you later, Feb.

Seems funny to feel nature-y when all around us are cars & tall buildings
Saw someone selling a jacket for $2000, olives and pickles of all flavors and a desk made out of pennies. All kinds of people; all in one place.
When do you NOT take a photo when everything you see is photogenic?



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