Hiking: a view from the top

A look down
A look up

Even when I thought I reached the top, there was still more to go.  It was a very interesting place to be at; to see where I’ve traveled and to recognize I had more to go.  I felt accomplished when I reached what I thought was the finality, but then to only see another challenge, it was sort of discouraging.  Metaphorically speaking, it’s almost like what adulthood feels like.  It’s getting to a high point and feeling gratification, but before I know it, there’s something else I need to conquer.  Being in grade school with grades, feedback and a resolution with projects, it was easy to feel that gratification longer.  Now, no longer a student, the gratification seems to be a different kind of feeling; something I’m still discovering and a feeling I’m appreciating more and more.  When I finally walked up to the top, it was a beautiful view; a view I know that only putting in the effort was the only way I’d like to see it.  After, I was thinking, “This is so amazing.  Let’s keep going. Let’s try this path or that path.”  cnw

I’m finding that however amazing a camera is, it cannot pick up the best views in life.  I think I had to take a dozen photos to being even close to capturing what I was seeing.  Even though technology is constantly surrounding us, it cannot re-create every experience and there is a kind of comfort that comes with that.  cnw


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