patterns delight

the sun rises each morning for a cup of coffee.
the trees breathe out a deep sigh,
grateful for a new day, but wondering what will come.
the chills run throughout the walls of the apartment,
and into the forest where birds seek refuge and comfort.
The homeless man on Harrison Ave is yet again hungry.
he drinks the last bit of green tea he found yesterday night.
what an ironic name for patterns delight.
we work in so many ironic ways.
we live to work, but we all want to live to love.
the patterns delight.
this world is teaching us.
will we learn something if we stop the patterns?


2 thoughts on “patterns delight

  1. Those patterns seem to go too fast and too constantly too often –
    preciuous are the moments when they stop and we can look, listen, breathe easy – and learn.
    A beautiful poem –

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words. I, too, think that the world goes too fast and there are too many unrealistic expectations on ourselves. I think if we really take our time, as you mentioned, then we can breathe easy and see what’s in front of us. Thank you for commenting. ;-) I really enjoyed the feedback.

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