to my pleasant surprise

My self walks on the dark streets with an arrow on the back.
I was shot, unexpectedly, by the guardian of hearts.
What a whirlwind of chaos this created.
The warm sun radiates within every layer.
A sudden rumble of my foundation,
and I was fallen.
Fallen into the depths of smooth ever changing velocity.
It’s like waking up for the first time
and never knowing I was dreaming.
When i finally felt the ground beneath me,
I was relieved to find myself okay.
A few scratches and bruises, but no broken limbs.
To my pleasant surprise,
The fall was so natural.
My chest tightens and aches and yearns for what it feels.
What a serious tone and description
for something that brings so much joy.
With time, the feeling grows stronger and deeper.
it becomes a part of me;
like the salts in my tears or the colors in my eyes.
Like a warm blanket on a cold day,
or water when i’m thirsty,
this is something that revives me.

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