naively honest

Starting the morning off with apprehension.
Worried about this thing and that.
Wondering why I’m so young when I’m so old.
Are we born knowing these languages?
Are we expected to just know as each year passes?

if so, then I was greatly cheated.
if so, then i greatly cheated myself.
when I was learning about life’s bigger picture,
they were learning life’s smaller intricacies.
“am I doing this all wrong, ” I think.

to be naively honest,
i wish the world had a book
on how to live sometimes.
not for everything,
but for the things we all complain about
for the things we can’t seem to get right.
for the things we aren’t in nature with.

maybe karma will work.
maybe this is all worth it in the end.
maybe all this confusion and worry,
will somehow count for something.
maybe i’m just too naive.


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