summer’s heat

Summer’s gotten me pretty on edge with the continuous wave of hot and cold, hot and cold.. ac and no ac.  But I thought I’d list a few things that have put me out of grey skies and instead bring me wonderful breezes:

-eating homemade turkey meatballs with homemade tomato sauce with the amazing cute boy
-listening to music with my headphones on and feeling like I’m in my own little listening studio
-reading an interesting book that has both sincerity, with splashes of humor
-taking care of my new mini garden including jalapeno peppers, lavender and zinnias
-visiting the farmer’s market this weekend and realizing that fresh food is good food!
-feeling blessed because i have the privilege of getting loving hugs anytime i  want/need one
-learning more and more about who i am, who i can be and who i want to be.



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