intellectuals and standards

There aren’t many ways to tell if a person is smart.
Everyone today seems smart in their own way.
They look the same and act the same. We take the same bus and eat the same lunch.
Why’s there so much need for conformity?
What is it so scary to see abnormality?
“I don’t know,” she says.
And she leaves for another life.
Her friend says, “I don’t know either.”
And she follows her friend.
They don’t know much even if they are together.
Together or by one, they don’t know more.
It takes drama and trauma and karma,
for the reality to show up,
for the kids to grow up,
for the adults to step up.

Is it just a series of steps and roadblocks
to walk in full circle to know where you’ve come from?
Would I value it any other way?
Could I?



2 thoughts on “intellectuals and standards

    1. Thank you so much. I love writing in a non-conventional way. It gives me the freedom to write however I like. I’m glad you got something out of it.

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