Good or bad poem?

Tonight, I find myself asking the question, “What makes a poem good?”  This came up because I am thinking of having some of my poems reviewed and I want to know, are my poems good?  After doing some research online and thinking about it myself (of which poems I consider good); the answer lies in us.  Unlike math and science, good writing isn’t necessarily a formulaic process with testable results.  For me, it involves a feeling; a connection to what the writer is saying.  I may not like a certain writing piece (for some reason), I can still recognize that the writer is a good one.  Why?  Maybe because the voice is perceptive and able to “speak” to me even though the topic isn’t something I necessarily relate to.  Perhaps good writing means writing that doesn’t feel like there’s something missing.  I know this question isn’t easy to answer, but it does bring up some interesting arguments.  Haven’t you read any poems that made no sense to you and yet, it was considered good?  Why? Does one person calling it “good” make it good?


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