a few sketches

I’m not a great sketch artist.  I started doodling at a young age as every child did, but never took it seriously or further for that matter.  I wanted to share some sketches I made (don’t know when I created these, but found while cleaning yesterday).  They’re not amazing; def not my best work, but thought they were amusing.  My humor is also unique, so bare with me. :)

There’s a boy sitting in the back at a table. The forefront image was intended to be the cats. There are so many around. The middle kitty says, “meow.” The boy says, “Mom, did you know we have cats? Also, can we get a dog?” cnw
There is a woman meditating in the middle of an aisle at the library. Someone in the library says, “shhh…!” and there’s another person with a thought bubble, “blah blah laws blah man.” Then a narration at the bottom states, “Sometimes, we all need a little peace and quiet.” cnw
The center story is mainly the girl who states, “Hi, my name is Elisa and this is my story.” Then we see her flashing back to a memory she had. It’s of her and a boy. She is giving this boy a card and says, “Hi Jared. I love you. Here’s a card.” Then the boy says back, “Oh, thanks. You know we agreed you wouldn’t say this out loud.” And he says this with a smiling face. cnw
A few symbols I drew about love. I guess you can interpret.
I like drawing different shapes and patterns. Not a good example of what the final product usually is, but I liked where this was going.

6 thoughts on “a few sketches

    1. Hmm, not sure how to work with tracing paper, but I’ll do some research and try it out. Thanks for the feedback and advice.

      1. I was thinking of a way of digitally revising without too much re-drawing and erasing. A final cartoon or comic should have really thick, confident outlines. A sketch can have lots of hesitant, exploratory lines. I would use the tracing paper over the sketch and then use a thick marker to trace out hard lines that I wanted. Then, I’d scan the more confidently drawn transparency and work with that to create the text digitally. But that’s me. There’s lots of methods, as many as there are artists.

    2. Interesting idea. Excuse my ignorance, would you be using a special program to work with it digitally? Would you use Flash? I was just youtubing how to make comic strip and there’s def a lot of work that goes into it. It’ll be an interesting project, I think though.

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