the hopeful dreamer

It’s night now
and I’m awake.
The calming silence
rings in my ears
I hear the wind, right?
but i’m not quite sure.
when i’m alone
the voice that speaks
speaks of love dreams
and the impossibilities.
the 1 in a million chance
to be amazing.
they smile back.
it doesn’t take much
to change the world
to change myself
to change time.

It’s night now
and I’m a hopeful dreamer
who flies up into the starry-
filled night
and lay on soft pillows
and swim without
holding my breathe.
I sing with all my heart.
And everyone hears me.
Everyone connected by
warm energy
stepping forward.

It’s night now
I stare at screens
all day
all night
all of my life
I eat too much
I fear too much
I think too much
people cry & bitch
when their world
is made of gold.
be with the
hopeful dreamer
dare to be
It’s okay to be wrong
life relies on imperfection
the wheels will turn
because it has to.



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