welcome home

my life is nothing like yours.
when you were my age
you slaved away your day.
you loved freely
you feared less.
i love you so much.
i live in complete light
because of you.
i am grateful and lucky.
this morning,
you tell me the stories
of where you were
what you saw
who you loved.
my heart tangles
with you
my heart is sore
with blisters
of the tears you cried
years ago.
my deep breaths
can’t bandage up
the burns you have
even now.
tomorrow will be better
it is not yesterday.
i am with you for always.
together we can live
however we like.
welcome home


There are so many times when I cry because I hear such deep stories of struggle and hardship.  It makes me feel helpless.  I wish I could do more or have more to give or to have the ability to change the past.  The feelings I take away from such situations is gratitude and fuel to make things better for the future; to make better memories together and happiness for a new day and a new life. cnw

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