mixed media piece

Good morning you, feeling lots creative lately, which is always a good thing for me.  created this mixed media piece yesterday. it was def a process for me.  i love letting my mind flow and create and grateful that i have the art supplies and resource right at home.  it’s always a comfort to have everything that i need when i need them.  

gathered my materials. i actually used magazine images and painted over and used black acrylic paint.
added in some fall leaves
the original tree. i tried adding in some watercolor paint as a background, however, mistakes occurred, so i had to re-create the tree.
meet the new tree. instead of using black acrylic paint, i used black marker and that worked just as well. def can’t beat black paint, but was an easier process. leaves are more uniform here. i also made sure to watercolor first.

this morning i said to myself, “I am an artist.”
i feel so inspired and testing out different materials.
i am currently working on a new piece
with watercolor, aluminum foil and markers.


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