renewing the past with mama

the walnut cookies rolled around in powdered sugar

When I saw my family the other day, it was a day of fulfilling happiness.  I love the time spent together.  Mom and Dad enjoyed the walnut cookies I made the night before, which I am so happy about.  Life’s little accomplishments always feel a little sweeter when my family is there to share it.  I helped with some home improvements Mom needed help with (which she did most of the work, such a strong lady) and in doing so, I found some cool eclectic clothing she had kept from decades ago.

this is what it looks like with a bite out of it. crumbly, slightly sweetened and extremely addicting!

I’m currently reading Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani, which is a story revolving around the life of a mid-twenties fashionista.  It’s a wonderful story of love, culture in NYC in the 1950s, women, tradition and family.  Needless to say, I’ve been feeling rather inspired by style and fashion because of it, as well.  Lucia mentions how clothes aren’t made the way they used to and after my visit to Ma’s, I completely agree.

After trying on the clothing of the past and feeling the work and texture of the fabric, it made me feel like there’s a kind of beauty of the past that the present just doesn’t have.  I feel like clothes used to be practical and beautiful; affordable and well-made.  I’m not trying to insult today’s style, which has its own beautifulness.  I’m happily highlighting the handiwork and love from before.

By renewing the past, I’m making it part of my present.  When I wore the clothes, it made my mom happy to see that her style of before somehow fits with my style of today.  And not to sound cheesy, but it connects us both in another way, too.  I’ll always think of her when I wear the dresses or scarf; she’s a part of me wherever I go.  As my mother used to make her family clothes and my sister and I sweaters and hats when we were young, clothing is more than whatever label is out there or how much it is.  To me, it also represents who I am and where I am and the work that was put into creating it.  For my mom, she created clothes out of necessity, but also because it was another way to show her love.


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