having fun with felt

After working with felt for a few days now, I’ve really come to appreciate this art and craft.  I love that the felt is a mini display of an artistic piece just like paint is to paper.  Sewing has taught me patience and technique and has opened up a whole new landscape of creativity for me.  Felt is also a very good medium when it comes to photography–look at the grainy details and colors lighten this post.


retracing my steps
would be like
hitting my aim in the darkness
in life,
going back is just as hard
and if you succeed
time spent
will still be gone.
whatever design presents itself
it’s okay.
it’s beautiful no matter what
there is no right way.
that’s the beauty of it all.



3 thoughts on “having fun with felt

  1. Great post! As a seamstress, your poem is presenting a different perspective to the craft I was involved in… perfection was mandatory in dresses selling for $2000+. There’s so much frustration in having to rip out stitches or seams, but then satisfaction once it’s perfect. But, as far as fabric art goes, your poem is spot on!! Art is much more forgiving! ~SueBee

    1. You make a very good point. I’m sure that sewing professionally comes with certain standards and use of technique, however you are right in that I only have experience with the art of it, which the results are very much how I feel and want the piece to be. Being a seamstress must be wonderful! I’m sure you must see clothes differently than everyone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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