parakeets & koi, water lily drawings/paintings

for my mom and dad i sketched a couple of parakeets for one painting and a koi and water lily painting for the other.  Happy that they like them and also re-discovering another art skill i enjoy. cnw

dad said the two birds represent my sister and i and even though we are adults, we both said “eww!”
the koi and water lily are symbolic for the kinds of people my parents are.


2 thoughts on “parakeets & koi, water lily drawings/paintings

  1. These are lovely. The bird one is especially pretty. I used to paint with watercolours years ago and am toying with the idea of having another go but I think it will be hard!

    1. Hi Kate, thank you for the comment. you should definitely try it again! i tried it months ago and i wasn’t feeling motivated to continue, however, recently, i tried it again and it’s an art medium i really enjoy using. i think my favorite though is painting with acrylic paint. :)

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