my sketch of jude law

good morning, what a very contemplative morning here at connie’s corner.  i guess it’d be pretty hard not to considering that a whole year is ending and a whole new one is just beginning.

ever since i drew those sketches for my family, i can’t seem to stop sketching.  i’ve always doodled, but i never really took it seriously.  i’m learning a lot about taking my time and understanding that i can’t get it right the first time, so having an eraser is helpful.  i’m also learning that it’s another art i find to be very calming and graceful.  below is a sketch of jude law, or at least my attempt at it.  i know there are things missing about it and it doesn’t quite look like him, but i’m happy that i have the chance to keep practicing.  shading is something i’d like to work on. cnw

IMG_2524 IMG_2525


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