gratitude list – jan week 2

1. Having those random moments when a stranger and I witness a funny event and we laugh together.
2. Making a joke and have the person I’m talking with really laugh.
3. Helping out someone who really needed it.
4. Doing something right and knowing without any doubt.
5. Ginger ale
6. Engaging with new media like graphic novels or TV shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation
7. Knowing that I had a rough week, but also knowing that I have the friends and family who got my back.
8. Knowing that the weekend is coming.
9. Making the train by just a few moments before the door closes.
10. Having a really good conversation.


6 thoughts on “gratitude list – jan week 2

    1. Thanks Lillian. I think the best kind of friends I have are the ones who can laugh at themselves and enjoy a joke here and there. :)

  1. What a nice idea – I am putting a little note in a box by my bed every night (almost every night – I forget sometimes) about something positive, good or fun that happened during the day. My plan is to read all my little scribbles New Year’s Eve.

    1. interesting, that’ll be a good read on new year’s eve. :) it’s nice to look back on the past year like that. good luck with it!

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