gratitude list – jan week 4

1. Seeing my family tonight and especially my mom who makes me feel good about life and reminding me how to be good.  She also likes my art and photographs and feeds me delicious food. : )
2. Receiving and reading a handmade, thoughtful thank you letter.
3. Checking things off my to-do list.
4. Being called a cutie.
5. Taking a walk after a long few months of never seeing daylight.
6. Finding the lost gloves my mother gave me.
7. Seeing items/objects around my home that remind me of my friends and family and our love for each other.
8. Feeling like I have control over my life (although it comes and goes).
9. Getting a seat on the train on my way to work.
10. Making a mixed cd with my boyfriend and loving every song.


2 thoughts on “gratitude list – jan week 4

  1. I especially liked #7 on your list. At age 81, I have lots of stuff and rotate/change things periodically so I can enjoy all of the lovely things that remind me of people and experiences in the past.

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