gratitude list – feb week 1

1. Finally taking some artistic photographs.
2. Being able to rant to, confide in and rely on someone who truly loves me.
3. Re-discovering my love for sour-cream and onion flavored chips.
4. Wearing pants that fit me well; waist-wise and length-wise (probably doesn’t mix well with #3)
5. Getting an unexpected hug from someone.
6. Remembering that I like to paint and sending one of my art pieces to my cousin.
7. Taking a walk at the pond this past weekend made me so happy.
8. High-fiving
9. Eating a really good banana and orange (and any fruit for that matter).
10.  Facing myself and getting real about where I stand and what I’m doing in my life.
*11. Having a spontaneous laughing fit after a rough day and sharing this moment with someone who appreciates it.


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