gratitude list – feb week 2

1. Interviewing The Squeaky Robot2. Eating a burger on honey wheat English muffins (it’s tasty).
3. Seeing my best friend from college and updating each other of our lives (even though we only had an hour to see each other.)
4. Having a spontaneous fun night with my beau, my sister and her awesome guy.
5. Seeing this cute little puppy sleeping.
6. Dancing silly in my living room and not caring about anything.
7. Succeeding in making my first ever omelet this morning.  For those curious, it included cooked spinach, cooked ground turkey, shredded cheese and cooked onions.
8. Going to the post office and finding out that they have Harry Potter stamps.
9. Receiving a free glass of Thai iced tea (my first ever, it’s very good.)
10. Sleeping long enough for most of the nights this week.


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