gratitude list – feb week 3

1. Seeing one of my college roommates today and catching up.  She helped me gain some new perspectives on my life.
2. Watching some funny episodes of The Big Bang Theory.
3. Recognizing and accepting that there are things in my life I shouldn’t ignore.
4. I received a comment today from a reader named Deb and her words were so sweet.  Making an honest connection with someone in any platform or situation is always a blessing.
5. Last Sunday, I gave myself a goal for this week and I am proud to say that I succeeded.
6. Enjoyed being outside today, for it was the warmest day this winter. I really miss my friend, the sun.
7. Made banana bread this week with chocolate chips and walnuts…mmm.
8. Receiving a really sweet Valentine’s Day card that took a lot of thought and effort.
9. The sounds of someone playing guitar really well.
10. Feeling the calm of waking up early some of the mornings this week.


One thought on “gratitude list – feb week 3

  1. It sounds like a wonderful week, but, of course, you helped make it that way by being aware of all the little good things that came your way.

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