Concert review: Jason Mraz with the band Raining Jane

Jason Mraz and Raining Jane are geniuses.  They are yummy together like peanut butter and jelly; smooth and sweet.  Their humor, timing and undeniable talent was what created the whole concert atmosphere so fulfilling and soul stimulating.  With most concerts I go to, a lot of the energy stems from the audience I stand beside, however, this concert was different.  Although I do appreciate the enthusiasm of a fellow fan, it was the ones on stage who created the positive vibes throughout the whole venue.

For a long time, I always felt that Jason Mraz’s serious, introspective side was just as worth seeing as his positive pop side.  The difference between this and the other concerts of his, was that this one was deeply invested in what it means to be human.  It wasn’t just about the music or how charming he was (and he was).  A lot of what made this a beautiful event for me was that he highlighted that shit happens in life, as well as, the remarkableness of kindness and love.  He talked about his efforts in being green and how we should be, too. Aside from his planet-loving self, he also revealed deep emotions like the sadness we all felt from his singing the song, “Mr. Curiosity” on stage.

Although they were extraordinary in every sense of the word, they made it seem as if we were all friends just watching them practice for a gig.  I was so impressed with Jason’s range and creativity with each song.  I felt chills.  The Raining Jane gals are so musically unique and captivating.  The instruments they used were so interesting and added a little something for each song; especially with the song Shine.

Even though it’s been days since having seen them, my heart is still warm from the whole experience and I just can’t help but play their songs again and again and again.


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