don’t worry about it

there were many sleepless nights
you toss and turn, worried.
waiting for something to change.
days go on and you look to him.
he says to you, “don’t worry about it.”
and you thought maybe, just maybe
it’ll be okay because he said so.
and the days go on and on
and you are awake
in the middle of the night
knowing that the change
would never happen.
that the choices you made
a decade ago, still haunts you.
not even the hopes and dreams
of the sweetest girl you ever met
the one who calls you ma
and cries for your face
could ever completely take away
the doubt that you have in your mind.
“don’t worry about it” becomes
this bad taste in your mouth
like the day you first tried beer
or eating an orange at the end of its life.
But you know what you want.
You bury the burden with the past;
Sweep up the lingering whispers.
Tell yourself, “don’t worry about it.”
Because you know it’s real
and the change will arrive
as calm as a gentle breeze
on a warm May afternoon.
I’ll find you sleeping at the beach
on the rocks shining bright
like I always saw you.

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