my poetry

Beneath the words I write,
You’ll see layers upon layers
Of true feelings, insight or observation.
I don’t follow or know the formula.
I don’t know if this is even poetry.
I write when I feel and the words come.
The words are magical, natural and light;
Like the moment when you eat
Cotton candy and it sits on your tongue
For just a second and it disappears
Like it was never there at all.
Or when you see something you love
And it makes you happy, you smile.
Nothing planned really,
Nothing really quantified.
Sometimes it’s about me.
Sometimes it’s about you.
Most times it’s about life in general.
Maybe these aren’t real poems.
Maybe they need to be in
Special formatting or
Dressed up in fancy words or
Maybe they need a writer with
Special stickers and serious titles.
But I’ll continue to write these poems.
As long as the words keep coming
And the feelings are felt.
Welcome, this is my poetry.


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