just like that

focused on focusing
(35mm, July 2015) my mother took this photograph and what matters to me the most is what happened behind the camera and how i’ll remember her in that moment: excited, curious, focused, happy and wanting to take a good photograph. love <3

just like that
you walk back into our lives
to hit the rewind button
on the old vcr and now
anything before never existed.
just like that
a young child of only 5 years old
becomes 10 years older
and innocence has faded
into broken threads
on jeans with rips and marks.
just like that
we danced in the living room
without music
and the meaning
feels different every time
it replays in my mind
just like that
life goes
with and without care
lovingly and indifferently
just like that
i’ll remember some
forget many
and whatever happens
will happen
just like that


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