this man, any man

in all seriousness
it’s very hard to articulate
the feelings one has
when one is too far in
the depths of the heart.
whether it is warmth by love
or hardened by hate
or the rise and fall
of the in-between
expressing is natural

staring ahead at the man
although rude, i know
he glances back with a smile.
eyes are kind and trusting
and in a snap, it’s over.
unknowing his troubles
and he of mine.
what’s left is the space
when he gets up to leave
and my thoughts that stay.

this man, any man
has felt love and loves, as well
no matter his shoe brand
no matter his spoken tongue.
this man, any man
has felt sadness and misfortune
in making mistakes
in making no mistakes
this man, any man
is like you and is like me
in our core, we are human
nothing more, nothing less

but I forget this sometimes
for this man, any man
including me

just trying to let my thoughts think out loud


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