cooking a meal

i’ve been cooking/baking a lot lately. bought a small box of red baby potatoes at the farmer’s market and figuring out what to make with it. most likely the classic mashed potatoes…

the light bulb in my brain shines;
inspired by a new recipe, by new tastes.
flipping through the pages of the book
with lots of yummy prepared dishes
and mouthwatering desserts;
i imagine happiness in a bowl of…
anything at all and whatever’s in my kitchen.
the pots and pans are all set
oven is preheated.
cutting up the veggies and meats;
taking the time to relax,
but focus in the motions
an escape like no other.
decorating the pan with olive oil
i hear the magical sounds
of the sizzling bacon or minced garlic.
the aroma quickly fills my cozy apartment.
taking some more steps to create
the imagined masterpiece.
excited to try something new or remix an old
happy to share this with friends and family
our full tummies and satisfied taste buds.
“what can i cook for tomorrow night?”
i hear myself say
when you find the joy in it,
cooking a meal is never quite the same.


2 thoughts on “cooking a meal

  1. I love this poem and reading it reminded me why I’ve enjoyed cooking for all of these years. Sometimes, it’s too easy to become bored or tired and wonder why bother? But all of the things you mention is why we keep “bothering” year after year and hope we come up with something that will be especially delicious.

    1. Lillian, I actually thought of you when I wrote this because you always post such delicious food recipes (with pictures). When I cook, I feel like I’m also being creative, but in a different and unique way. Thanks for always being an inspiration to me! :)

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