go for today

i haven’t written in this blog like this for a while and a few days ago, i was “flipping” through the pages of this blog and came upon this entry. it was sweet, honest and very memorable. i remember what i was trying to say and it was nice to be reminded of this “certain kind of innocence.” it’s been a while since that post and even more so since the time i was reminiscing (ha! got the correct spelling the first time) about. after, i felt like i really rather enjoyed reading it and wanted to create another for this year.

this year’s been a pretty unusual year. i’ve gone through a couple of life changes and faced many challenges and am happy for all of them; even the ones i wasn’t expecting, planned or understood. what i’ll cherish most about those unplanned, surprising ones is the feeling afterwards. the feeling when i’ve crossed the bridge to safety and can continue on knowing i have another cool, brave memory by my side. i guess that’s the best part of going through a hard thing, is that the prize you get is something you can only get from facing some kind of struggle. another thing that’s worth mentioning is that there’s a realization of knowing that i can push my boundaries further than i thought. it’s natural to go within the limits you’re comfortable with, but when it’s important to go outside to the unfamiliar (possibly without a choice), then it’s kind of giving yourself a chance to stretch out some muscles and see things with new eyes.

i guess my point is, go for today. this blog’s been through a lot with me and it’s transitioned from being just a blog about my adventures in taiwan (unfortunately, i wasn’t a good blogger then), happy stuff i’ve encountered in my life, posts of just work i’ve done (art, writing and etc) and now, a mix of a little bit of everything. and who knows about the next stage. one thing always stays true, though; it reminds me to go for it (like reading that entry i mentioned). so, i want to remind you, too. do it, go for your day, today, tomorrow and the next few forever mondays in your life for you, your family and your friends and the small furry pets you may have. because you may feel like you can’t do something, but how do you know if you don’t go?

hello, future self, did you go for today? also, remember to drink more water, it’s good for you.

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