cotton candy

i was very young and small
the picture in my mind
is an old photograph.
i remember we walked
on a field and it felt long.
dad & mom lead sister and i
to a place with colorful lights
twinkling bright in the darkness
and even a clown, i think
i felt happy, curious and fun
i don’t remember much.
there was this big pink & blue, fluffy
strange thing over a paper handle
i saw dad take a piece
and eat it with a smile.
i took a big bite and
it was gone so quick!
the sweetness stayed.
i thought it’d be different.
like dry, sweet pillow fluff.
so happy it wasn’t.
remembering now,
trying cotton candy
for the first time
was truly magical.
for a kid who only saw things
as what they looked like,
it was new to know
that things are not always
what we believe them to be


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