no. 10 november – nostalgia

i’ve posted this photo before. you can find the rest here

blurry like this photograph; i think this is what nostalgia looks like if it were to be seen. i recently visited the area of one of my first jobs. i loved having streams of memories and conversations and how it made me feel (although thinking back on it, it wasn’t super exciting, just regular day to day). i don’t remember it all exactly. i wish i could say hello to the people i worked with, but they have gone on to new adventures since then. i remember how young i was and how the world felt so small (not in a negative sense really, but more in that i was limited in what i could do as a teen). despite that though, i did always feel a sense of possibility. people were kind and i didn’t feel discouragement in what my interests were. getting older, nostalgia is bittersweet. maybe you want to go back to that time. maybe you’re happy you’ve moved on. for me, it’s more about gratitude and cherishing what it was, whether there were some good days or bad. the world seemed less cruel, less stressful, less demanding or less immediate but it could be because my perspective was smaller or maybe the world really has changed.


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