no. 12 november – tough love

I wrote the below paragraphs four years ago.. since then I’ve learned that it’s not only the people in our lives, but the circumstances we are in that also teaches us tough love. Navigating through hard times and unforeseen challenges are what builds our strength and character. Taking the negative and turning it into positive is not easy at all and takes a lot of time. I guess the decision is up to us if it’s worth it.

May 4, 2011 – Since graduating, I’ve found myself learning way more things than I ever have in this past year than any other one semester at college (excluding my year abroad). I don’t mean learning as in skills but in matters concerning life that I can’t measure tangibly. I have re-learned several as well. It’s like there’s a water fountain and life lessons are just spewing all over the place wanting to be regenerated, reciprocated and refreshed (and the occasional wishful penny). Lessons from all the people in my life (family, friends, acquaintances. strangers) from Mom and Dad to the no-name who asked for directions. Most knowingly (and some unknowingly) teaching me something they’ve gathered from all of their life experiences and imparting some wisdom on me. Thank You for the care.

The downside to tough love is that it’s tough. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth. Sometimes it’s hard to even acknowledge the care behind the hard truths. But isn’t it better to know now than never? And that’s when the love comes in. To take in and let out again and be remembered.

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