no. 22 november – eerie realization

October 31, 2012 – I looked out of the window tonight and there were raindrops sliding down and as I looked up, I saw my face staring back at me. It was then that came to me what we all have understood, but rarely vocalized. It is in the darkness where we see ourselves the most. It is in the light where we see everything around us. “How blatantly obvious,” I thought. Isn’t it when we think the most about ourselves and our stance on life when we have the strongest feelings of conflict or indecisiveness or uncertainty? Don’t you consider those the darker, harder and serious times in comparison to the “light” ones? When we’re happy, we’re more in tune with our environment and our surroundings. When we’re happy, we think less of ourselves and our hardships. Our bodies tend to gravitate outwards rather inwards; outwards toward the sun and open space, inwards toward the shaded and closed spaces. The wisest and hardest strategy is to know when to be one with the light and when to be one with the dark.


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