no. 27 november – writing, why?

Not sure if I was finished with this when I wrote this two years ago, but thought it’d be fun to post all the same.

October 28, 2013 – Why I do what I do is never a question for me to answer. For some reason, ever since I was very young, I understood myself to be geared towards a certain angle and attracted to certain areas and not to others. I know that this isn’t an uncommon thing. We all have our loves and hates and our hobbies. Life makes it easy for all of us to work in varying ways; I work one way and others work on their own ways. The funny thing is that I find my interests somewhat vague and pinpointing that “one” thing has been and still is an unknown to me. Maybe it has to do with writing. I love writing. Writing for me is something I have pride in.  Writing gives me an outlet to my emotions and creativity unlike any other art. But, what about it? I find myself asking this question today.

Interviewing is a kind of writing I like to do. I consider myself rather serious when it comes to interviewing and hearing the stories of others. I am a huge fan of interviews; whether they’re morning talk shows, late-night comedians, or serious Inside Actors Studio-esque programs or myself asking questions to the people around me on the daily basis. Everyone is interesting. We can all learn a lot if we step out of ourselves and hear another story from another person. When I interview someone, I learn a whole variety of things. I research on their life, but also their craft. After each new interview, I am more knowledgeable about life and culture as a whole. Whether it’s in the fields of painting, music, photography or technology, there is always something to learn. I am happy that interviewing gives me a worthwhile opportunity to do so.

Poetry is another form I like to create in. Poetry to me is a language for the poet, but is also a message to the world. Connection and understanding is a huge way in which poems thrive and continue. Feelings and experiences shared from many can be expressed in a multitude of ways through poetry. Poetry language is mainly one that is spoken by the emotions and translated through the construction of our words.


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