history matters

I used to hate history. It was my least favorite class in grade school. I remember always thinking that if there was one subject I truly couldn’t understand, it was that. Too be honest, I can’t even think of a reason why. Perhaps I didn’t know where it had a place in my life.

Luckily, that changed in college. I took a course on women’s history and my perspectives have grown openly and deeply ever since. I think back about my past self and feel ignorant, immature and naive for not having appreciated it earlier. I suppose I should see it as just a part of the beauty of growing up.

So, here’s a post for the non-believers; who see no point to learning history.

History matters. It’s not always good. (Actually, you can’t look back in any history of yourself, your parents, your country or any history at all without having some sadness or negativity attached to it. That’s life.). However, the power lies in what we learn; the knowledge and education we gain.

Through history, I learn a multitude of things. I learn about the different expectations and struggles of people of a specific time; wherever they were and whatever age. I learn how to prevent mistakes others (or myself) have made, to practice compassion for those who went through them and understanding what it all meant. Within each opportunity, I learn something new about myself or where I live or how I came to be. History is a story about all of us.

For the key people who have created paths to positive and important movements towards happiness and freedom for humanity, I am forever grateful. Without them, I don’t know what kind of world we would be living in. Things change and we hold the power to make those changes. Actions today, make for history tomorrow. I want to remember that.

A few creative ways to learn and research about history is talking with your parents/relatives about their time growing up, watching documentaries, reading historical period books, dive deep into research of your curiosities/hobbies like your favorite singer or the art of cooking and photography, read through your old journal/blog entries or just watching/reading/hearing the news.

I hope this provided some food for thought. Curious, what was your least favorite subject in school and has that changed?

2 thoughts on “history matters

  1. A great post. My least favorite subject ever was algebra. I never did quite understand it.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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