a page of the past

Years ago, your face came out of nowhere.
The city night trampled over me without a care,
I was ready for my night transport to take me home.
At that stuffy train station, among the many souls,
My eyes found you like a Where’s Waldo book page.
Wearing a suit, hair trimmed, face grown with age.
I thought you’d be a million miles away from here..
I felt torn as that night I knocked on your door,
Or how you waited for me after class to see me more,
Calm, I surely was; although I do not know why.
You used to do that for me, like an unfamiliar lullaby.
Years passed. Our love letters were cut quite symmetrically.
We were special and unending; unconventional and messy.
I haven’t seen you since then; I know it’s probably forever.
Without a photograph of us, imagine when we were together.
Beneath it all lives crinkles of memories I will hold as treasure.


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