Every so often, my urge to travel comes so suddenly and I find myself feeling a tiny bit nostalgic. Quick glimpses of images, words and feelings of my travels appear out of nowhere; such as how freeing it felt to sit behind a motorcycle as the wind and I became one through the blurry night of lights and cars or seeing faces of the wonderful people I met and remembering the conversations we had. They were all simple, yet cherished experiences for me. My appreciation for new experiences has never left it seems.

It’s difficult for me to describe the feeling I get from traveling. Feels similar to meditation and anticipation; acknowledging that there is the unknown and embracing it. It’s like when my father told me I wouldn’t understand what falling in love would feel like until it happened. I understand that now. I guess, essentially, traveling teaches me to embrace the freedom to feel, to act, to learn, to be and to change. There’s a vulnerability, innocence and blind trust involved when staying at a new place and learning to live there as a visitor.

It’s worth it. One of the memories I often remember is the night I came home from a six month adventure abroad. I was meeting my family at the luggage carousel and I didn’t see them. I was so used to looking ahead and being on my own that I forgot to look beside me. I heard my mom yell out my name and to my left was where they sat waiting all along. My sister had said I looked so different that she almost didn’t recognize me. I understood what she meant because that’s how I felt about myself. As days passed, it was how I felt about life, them, home and everything around me. I am grateful for all of it.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


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